these are a few of my favorite things...

when you find something that you love, works well for you, inspires you,
and makes your life easier, you share... right?

here is a list of some of my favorite things. maybe you'll find a new fav!


yep, i'm a crystal junkie. lots of people give me crazy looks. the truth is, i've always been a bit of a rock hound. i've always had a spiritual, woo-woo side. i've always been intrigued with how this earth forms such beautiful, sparkly rocks.

some people think they're just rocks. some people think they hold special magical healing powers. to me, crystals represent various feelings, emotions, elements, energies, and intentions. i'm a visual person and i like to hold things in my hand. crystals help me focus and when i'm working with them, i'm always in a positive, expansive state of mind.

plexus triplex

i wish i had started using this system when i first learned about it. within a month of using this three-part gut health system, i felt worlds better. my mood, health, digestive issues, sugar addiction, and energy levels dramatically improved. 

plexus has been a life-changer for me.


smiley pits

no, i'm not kidding. it's really called smiley pits and it's for humans ages 4-104.

i've been using secret clinical strength deodorant for years because its the only thing i believed could keep me the freshest and driest. boy was i wrong.

finding a clean, non-toxic deodorant has been important to me but in order for me to make the switch, it had to WORK. i didn't think this dinky little tube i found at a vendor show would make the cut but i wanted to support the sweet ladies who run the company so i purchased a tube.

lemme tell ya, i was genuinely BLOWN AWAY by how well this stuff works.

my favorite night balm

this, my friends, is a major throwback. do you recognize this stuff? {hint: bath and body works}

santa has been delivering a handful of these bad boys in my stocking for probably 10 or more years. i never, ever go a night without this balm on my lips. it's thick, smells yummy, and stays on all night - no lie!

i. am. obsessed.


i discovered podcasts through the recommendation of a dear friend {thanks, rachel!} about a year and a half ago. i know, i know. i had been living under a rock.

let me be very clear here: podcasts are the shit. instead of listening to music or nothing at all, i choose to fill my ears with wholesome and inspiring stories, interviews, and messages. podcasts have been a game-changer for me.

go-to's: the amber lilyestrom show, earn your happy, lunar abundance, jess lively, in her voice, kate & mike, marie forleo, and unruffled.


breakfast protein shake

i choose arbonne protein shakes for breakfast because:

1. they're quick and easy.
2. they taste great!
3. they're 100% vegan.

i "fail" pretty often when it comes to food but with these yummy shakes, i know at least one meal each day is vegan.

essential oil rollers

i've only been using these for a couple of weeks but i'm already hooked. I keep the "stress less" roller in my desk drawer and use it, seriously, 10 times a day... minimum. whenever I feel myself becoming overwhelmed, stressed, or pissed off, I reach for stress less and take a big ole whiff. i also rub it on my wrists, rub them together, and sniff whenever i need to take a moment.

i know it might sound crazy but it's just another physical reminder to chill out, take a breath, and remember that i'm only responsible for my own actions and thoughts.

for an energy/mood boost, try citrus bliss! that shiz smells like a dreamsicle and it will rock your world. i just shared it with my coworkers and they all went bananas. kim diaz is my essential oil supplier and local integrative health guru. connect with kim to get a roller.

oracle cards

as we already established above, i dig all things woo. oracle cards were foreign to me at first because i battled with the whole 'but a person wrote all the stuff on these cards, they're not truly divine' thought. as it turns out, it doesn't matter where your messages come from as long as they resonate and give you courage, strength, hope, and inspiration.

i've come to really, really enjoy using oracle cards.

here's the deck i like to use:

coconut oil

coconut oil is my go-to for everything. i use it when i'm cooking, i mix it in my coffee, and i use it as body moisturizer.

yes, i said i mix it in my coffee. it tastes mildly sweet, has a hint of coconut flavor, and leaves my lips feeling moisturized! i use it as body moisturizer because of its naturally potent lauric acid which helps destroy icky bacteria. it also glides on easily, has a fresh scent, is free of toxins and yuckies, and lasts forever!