Don't have time to read? Listen here! (language! plug in those headphones if the littles are around.)

Hey you!

You made it. You stuck with me until the very end and I’m so, so proud of you. Truly.

You’re a busy mom. You’re juggling momming, work, relationships, friends, meals, playdates, laundry, time with your partner, and so. much. more.

Here’s your final challenge. It’s one I hope you revisit and implement every single day of your life. Yep, that big.

“Love will immediately enter into any mind that truly wants it.” - A Course in Miracles

Center back to love.

When you’re stressed and overwhelmed, center back to love.

When you’re frustrated and downright angry with your kiddo, center back to love.

When your spouse is annoying the shit out of you, center back to love.

When your boss infuriates you, center back to love.

When someone hurts your feelings, center back to love.

When you feel like you’re not good enough, center back to love.

Consciously begin to program your mind to find it’s center, it’s calm, in love.

It takes a shit-ton of consistent practice and intention but, I promise, it will begin to alleviate your stress, anxiety, frustration, depression, and whatever other icky feelings you battle on a daily basis.

I believe in simplifying and minimalism. I also believe in the power of mindset. In my opinion, both are essential to welcome joy into our lives.

I’m far (like, really freaking far) from perfect. I’m not an expert. But I am passionate about helping my fellow mama friends find a little peace that it took me so, so long to find. My hope is to provide shortcuts to happiness for you and all the other women like us.

Thanks for being a part of the Simplify Your Life 7-Day Challenge. I’d LOVE to hear your biggest takeaways, ah-ha’s, and breakthroughs. All feedback is appreciated. Hop back to your inbox and hit reply to let me know your thoughts on the experience.