Don't have time to read? Listen here! (Language alert! Headphones are suggested if the littles are around.)

Hello, hello! welcome back!

Not going to lie - this one could take days. Give yourself permission to take your time with this challenge.

The point of today’s challenge is to remove unworn, unwanted clothing from your wardrobe. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a hard time getting dressed. Like, my whole life. I would stand in front of my closet for way too long trying to figure out what to wear. I was never happy with any of my clothes and the whole process pissed me da eff off every day.

Sooooo… Today I challenge you to start the process of minimizing and reorganizing your wardrobe so the experience of getting dressed every day doesn’t suck. Grab a box to collect clothes and shoes and accessories you’re ready to donate or sell.

Step 1:

Keep your favorites on the hanger.

Remove every single item you don’t absolutely adore. Pile ‘em up. We’ll come back to them.

Immediately toss the items you straight up dislike. Don’t give it another thought.

Step 2:

Sort through and try on the items in your maybe pile and, while you’re sorting, ask yourself these two questions:

  • Does this item look nice on me?

  • Does this item make me feel good about myself and confident?

Add the no’s to your no box and remove the box from your room. Take it to another space that won’t distract you from organizing your to-keep clothes.

Tip: For the love of everything holy, get rid of the no box as fast as you can. Drop it off at a clothes bank or consignment shop the very same or next day if you can. If you let it hang around your house, you’ll be staring at it months from now and talking yourself into keeping it. Trust me. Let. It. Go.

I have the honor of working closely with personal brand stylist, Carrie Montgomery, and the biggest style takeaway from working with her is this:

Your style, your clothing, absolutely affects your energy, mood, and happiness.

I know it sounds silly but if you’re not comfortable, confident, and energetically aligned with what you’re wearing, you’re going to feel less than. Less than comfortable, less than confident, your energy and vibes will be low, and you’ll feel like something is off. Your lack of confidence will allow room for nasty insecurities to move in and take over, which will put you in a shitty mood which affects your life and your family’s life.

Give yourself permission to curate a wardrobe you love and one that you can easily open your closet and know that anything you choose will look nice and feel good.

Start with what you have and be very selective and intentional when purchasing new clothes.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this challenge. How does it make you feel to even think about tackling this project? Hit reply on your day 5 email and lemme know.