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Today’s challenge is to determine your daily necessities. What are the things you use daily in the morning when you’re getting ready, throughout the day, and in the evening before bedtime?

Think: Shower products, makeup, hair essentials, certain groceries (ahem, coffee.), lunch boxes and containers, lip balms, essential oils, menstrual products, crystals, birth control, supplements, or whatever you feel is a necessity or a solid part of your daily routine.

Now, remove all of the NON-essentials from the picture. You don’t have to chuck them, but perhaps you could put a box in your linen closet of all the hair and makeup and beauty supplies. This way, you won’t have to sift through things you don’t need to get to the things you do need.

I totally get that the 8 extra tubes of lotion are pushed to the back of your cabinet under the sink and your favorites are front and center but there is huge value in removing or reorganizing your non-essentials. Even just viewing a cluttered area can contribute to your stress level for the day.

The point of this challenge is to declutter your daily essentials and reorganize/redesign the areas they’re kept. This will make your morning easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable. Same with the rest of your day. If your essentials are always easy to access and kept in a clutter-free space, you’ll feel more in control of your stuff and life.