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Welcome to day 3!

You wanna know what my least favorite adulting responsibility is? Meal planning and cooking. I try to enjoy it but I just can’t.

Every single week I would ask my husband what he’d like to have for dinner. He’d always say he didn’t know. *eye roll*

There are a gazillion resources out there for meal planning and easy recipes. I’m just SO over searching and searching for something that clicks for me. So here’s how I do it in my home…

Have a menu planning party with your family.

Make a list of your favorite meals. Choose 10-15 of your tried and true, tippy top favorites. Then, make a list of the ingredients needed for each meal and the recipe.

Boom! Now you’ve got 2-ish weeks of your family’s favorite dishes on a go-to list. Easy peasy.

Bonus: If you’re feeling adventurous one day, try a new recipe! If it’s a hit, add it to your list. If not, forget about it.

It’s not glamorous but it’s practical and you know everyone will eat dinner this way. ;)