Don't have time to read? Listen here!

Welcome back! How did yesterday's challenge go? Take a moment to reflect on yesterday and get inspired for today.

Let's dive in!

Day 2 is all about taking control of your calendar. Are you a Yes Person like me? We try so stinkin’ hard to accommodate the needs and wants of everyone in our lives that we unintentionally overload ourselves and our families with unnecessary (and, frankly, undesirable) commitments.

Today, I challenge you to open your calendar and assess your upcoming commitments. See if there is anything you would like to politely decline and then give yourself permission to actually decline it.

I also challenge you to designate a few nights as family nights that are pretty much non-negotiable. This will give you the confidence and reason to decline an invitation that conflicts with that night. And, if you DO want to participate, you can switch your nights for that week. This helps you make sure you’ll always have at least 2, 3, or however many evenings you want at home with your family.

I personally like to spend my Sunday evenings at home. It helps me prepare for the week ahead and decompress from the weekend. I like to make Tuesday and Thursday evenings my “appointments” with my family. It’s on my calendar which requires me to be very intentional about how I schedule my time with friends or work.

Remember: If scheduling time feels restrictive to you or adds more stress, don’t do it. The takeaway here is to be intentional with how you commit your time. Who are you spending time with? What are you doing? Do you truly enjoy it? Does it bring value to your life?

Take back control of your calendar, girlfriend.