Don't have time to read? Listen here! (Language alert! Headphones are suggested if the littles are around.)

welcome to day 1!

I want to tell you how happy I am that you decided to join the Simplify Your Life 7-Day Challenge! I hope you get as much joy and relief from these practices as I have.

Let's get started!

Day 1 is all about your phone presence. This is actually a 2-part assignment. It's really, really important that we start here because - let's face it - our lives revolve around our phones almost as much as they revolve around our kiddos. Am I right?

Part 1

There's something about a makeover, remodel, or fresh coat of paint that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's refreshing and inspiring and it's your very first step in this challenge so get pumped!

I want you to spend 15-30 minutes today deleting unused apps, rearranging apps, and refreshing your phone with a brand new wallpaper. This will inspire you to get more organized and use your phone more intentionally.

Tip: Choose a light, bright, clean photo for your background; something that will help drive your momentum throughout the rest of the challenge! Download my favs here.

Part 2

If you're anything like me (major phone addict) you might cringe at this one. Mama friend, you've got to put down that damn phone. It's sucking the soul out of you and making you miserable. Look, I get it. It's addicting. It is TRULY addicting. And, we do rely on it for good reasons like making phone calls and keeping up with our schedule. I'm not suggesting that you trade in your iPhone for a flip phone but I am suggesting that you create some firm boundaries around your phone use.

Here are some suggestions for no phone zones:

  • Bedroom

  • Dining Area

  • Kids Bedroom

  • Playroom

  • Car (If you're a passenger, talk to the person driving!)

  • Friend's home

  • Family's home

  • Restaurant

Here are a few suggestions for limiting your phone use:

  • For the love of everything holy, do not let your phone be the first thing you look at when you wake up. Take a few breaths, recite a morning mantra, step out of bed and stretch, recite another morning mantra, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and sit with yourself. Make peace with the lack of stimulation. Then, pat yourself on the back 'cause that shit ain't easy for a phone addict. (This will get easier every day...)

  • Designate time for yourself to do some mindless scrolling. Yes, permission granted. This challenge isn't meant to restrict you or frustrate you or put you into a state of withdrawal. I created this challenge to help you create more space in your life and remove the things that are not truly serving you, the things that are distracting you from your beautiful life. Anyway, designate time for mindless scrolling but be mindful of the time. Set a timer before you begin so you won't get sucked into the vortex. ("Hey Siri, set a timer for 10 minutes." - Yep, that easy.)

  • Turn off your notifications. This is HUGE. If someone needs to speak with you urgently, they'll call you like they did in the old days. No Facebook or Instagram message, game notification, shopping reminder, etc. is worthy of your immediate attention. Turn. That. Shit. Off.

That's it! Here's the recap...

1. Delete and rearrange your apps and set a pretty new wallpaper.

2. Establish your phone use boundaries.

See you tomorrow for Day 2 of the Simplify Your Life 7-Day Challenge!