welcome to lesson 6 - focusing our energy with intention + the law of attraction

i could talk {or in this case write} for days about amber. the way she has influenced my life is quite amazing. i'll share a short story of a 1:1 session i had with her a little over a year ago.

i had left my job to pursue small brick and mortar business coaching. i was excited and inspired and ready to help my community and surrounding communities but if we're being honest, which we are, my passion isn't business. and it wasn't ever business.

my passion was and is helping. it is taking information and experience and sharing that with people who are a few steps behind whether that be in business, health, mindfulness, spirituality, etc. the topic doesn't matter to me. it's the helping and sharing.

well, amber already knew this about me. before i even acknowledged it and believed it to be true she knew that what i was trying to do with my life {work in business} wasn't aligned with my life path.

she said to me something along the lines of "i feel like you are supposed to be helping moms who feel the way you've been feeling".

and I was like... ohhhhhhh. gosh, you're so right.

that interaction seems so simple but it wasn't. it was very deep and life-changing. it peeled back a lot of layers.

and that's what amber does. her super power is seeing your truth and your purpose... seeing it clearly.

now, I'm really honored to introduce amber lilyestrom to you, mindful mama.


lesson 6 assignment:

this is an ongoing assignment. it's one for the rest of your days.

watch and honor your words.
practice gratitude daily.
spend a little time with yourself daily.

lesson notes:

  • children don't have to do anything to receive our love so why do we feel we must do something to be worthy of love?
  • "we have the opportunity to compassionately parent ourselves now, to fill in the gaps from our childhood."
  • the language we use enhances our energy - good or bad. watch and honor your words.
  • learn all about abraham hicks here. youtube is also a great place to start with abraham teachings.
  • focus on what we have rather than what we don't have.
  • living mindfully is a constant commitment.
  • gratitude. gratitude. gratitude.
  • "i've had to work hard and focus on what I want and make that my predominant vibration."
  • "I've stopped efforting around things and obsessing and angsting about things."
  • "when i feel worry and stress i stop myself and say 'time out. where can i feel grateful right now?' and i become more alive, more relaxed."
  • amber practices mindfulness by: writing, quiet cup of tea, abraham teachings, kayaking in the middle of the pond, run with her dog, putting her feet in the grass, and spending time with her girlfriends.

"be where your feet are."