welcome to lesson 5 - realizing and activating your inner power

my gal pal, stephanie hope dodd, brings a powerful message to this course.

she asks, "how do we, as women, reclaim ourselves while still showing up and being the woman, the wife, and the mom we want to be?"
and, then, she tells us how.

stephanie shares a story from her childhood that i know we can all relate to. it's about the tag program in elementary school.
you know... talented and gifted. did you make the cut?

stephanie was "almost good enough but not quite there".

and this is only one instance from our childhood that stands out. we have to work to reverse that belief system, ladies.
we're already good enough. we're already worthy.

this lesson is 100% guaranteed to fill your day with light and love. stephanie's message is beautiful
and really moved me in ways i truly didn't expect. her voice is so soothing and gentle yet confident. get ready to get inspired!

hang on at the end for a special guided meditation.


lesson 5 assignment:

think about how you envision your inner goddess.
what is she wearing? what colors? what is her hair like? her skin? where is she?

share in the facebook group!

lesson notes:

  • nobody told us we'd agree to go on an intense soul journey when we decided to become parents.
  • channel our inner wisdom {inner goddess} and quiet our ego {even though it's there to keep us safe}
  • wherever you are on your journey is ok - whether it resonates with you today or blossoms over time...
  • "if we want to stand in our full power as a woman, wife, and mother, it's up to us not to expect our children {or partner, or boss, or friend} to prove that to us but rather for us to find that within."
  • you're already good enough, mama. you're already worthy.
  • trust yourself. it's really about trust.
  • "when we're not conscious, our ego is in charge."
  • "the ego speaks loudly; our inner goddess whispers."