welcome to lesson 4 - making time and space for your practice + self care

In this lesson, whitney tells a real-time jamie story that you'll surely relate to. it's both infuriating and hilarious.

here are some key words to keep in mind:

me time
say no



lesson 4 assignment:

it's time to hit the journal again. actually, i encourage you to do it daily without putting stress on yourself.

make a list of the things that make you feel good. activities, hobbies, music, people, etc.
list everything that brings you joy and makes your heart sing.

identify some things you want to learn more about or focus on. think about things you can do to expand in these areas.
ask for book or course recommendations.
ask our guest experts in the group for their specific thoughts or recommendations.
we're here to help point you in the right direction. you just have to declare what you want.

lesson notes:

  • we must fill our own tanks in order to fully show up for others.
  • one not-so-mindful choice made in haste may result in many, many undesirable outcomes.
  • set yourself up for ease, peace, and calm by weaving mindfulness into your busy day.
  • never, ever give up on your own personal development and education.
  • self-care is not selfish.
  • we must get comfortable with saying "no" to the things that do not serve us...
  • so that we can say "yes" to the things that bring us joy and move us {and our family} forward