welcome to lesson 3 - mindfulness activities to do with the family

practice what you preach, mama.

and just practice in general. ;)

lesson 3 gives you ideas on how to practice mindfulness with your kiddos.


lesson 3 assignment:

this one is fun! for our lesson 3 assignment, i want us each to choose at least one mindfulness activity
{reference the notes below!} and give it a whirl with our kiddos.

report back in the facebook group and let us know how it went for you.
how did your kiddo respond? partner? you? ;)

lesson notes:

  • practice what you preach {your own mindfulness practice!} and practice what you teach {teach your kiddos to practice mindfulness!}
  • release all expectations! 
  • when our kids are flipping out, breathe with them. teach them calming breathing like simple counting, the snake, and the bunny.
  • bell/gong listening game
  • walking meditations {silent (ha!) short family walks. share things you observed at the end of the walk.}
  • sit quietly listening for sounds for one minute. share what sounds you heard.
  • breathing buddies - stuffed animal on belly. notice what the stuffed animal does - rises and falls, topples over, etc.
  • squish and relax
  • family journaling
  • bedtime body scan {mamas, this is a great exercise for us as well!}
  • verbal gratitude practice
  • simple meditations