welcome to lesson 2 - establishing a mindfulness practice of your own

laurel holland has been popping up in my space for a while now. i've been following her and taking advantage of her weekly
mid-day coaching every monday with rachel camfield. {you can catch those here.}

when i thought of the ideal person to teach meditation for beginners and establishing a mindfulness practice,
i knew i wanted laurel to deliver the messages. i'm so grateful she agreed to be a part of this special program.

laurel has been meditating daily for almost 30 years. she has 3 children and knows all about the dedication and commitment necessary to establish a daily mindfulness practice. that being said, laurel says she owes her joyful life to her practice.

that's big, y'all.

laurel shares her story but i want to quote one thing from her intro:

"...i knew i had the power to do it differently."

so she did. and we can, too.

lady friends, i give you laurel holland.


lesson 2 assignment:

i don't know about you but after watching laurel's lesson about meditation, i'm completely inspired to commit to a daily practice of my own!

our lesson 2 assignment is actually two parts.

1. give it a shot!
2. snap a photo of your meditation space (no matter how messy!) and post it in our facebook group.

laurel gave us fantastic suggestions for getting started such as:
counting our breaths, focusing on sounds, visualizations, and mantras.

lesson notes:

  • think of it as an experiment
  • when you feel called to make changes to improve your life, the universe conspires on your behalf.
  • it's a practice. commit to a daily practice to receive maximum benefits.
  • "it reminds me that i have a centered, grounded, peaceful place inside that i can return to at any moment."
  • "when i was with my children it was really important to be with my children."
  • "we often gain value or credential because of our doing rather than just being."
  • "when i'm with my children, the true value of my contribution to them as a mom is my ability to be present with them."
  • it's going beyond being physically available; it's being mentally available.
  • cultivate good posture and a straight spine!
  • it's important for our kids to witness our mindfulness practice.
  • "you're training your mind to stay focused on what you're choosing to be focused on."

what's in laurel's meditation space?

Book of runes
colored pens
hand cream
essence dropper
dreamer's dictionary

now, head on over to the facebook group and let's discuss our big takeaways and ah-ha moments!