welcome to lesson 1 - slowing down, tuning in, and honoring our inner voice.

it was really important to me to invite the perfect guest expert for this lesson; our very first lesson.
it's truly the foundation for this entire course. when lesson 5 teacher, stephanie dodd,
recommended kelly covert i was relieved. later that afternoon, kelly and i hopped on the phone
for a quick chat and boy did she ever blow me away.
i knew kelly would deliver exactly what i envisioned for this lesson. and she did and then some.

kelly covert is an inner voice coach so when it comes to learning to honor our inner voice, kelly is definitely
the lady we want teaching us!

before you dive into lesson 1, i want to explain why these lessons are what they are and why they're in this order.

when i attended a mindful parenting conference in richmond a few weeks ago i realized that
mindfulness and conscious parenting mean so much more than sitting indian-style on
the floor with a lit candle and zenned out music or reading all the right books.

mindful parenting isn't just how we take a breath and calm ourselves down before we react
to whatever knucklehead move our kid just pulled on us. (it is that, too, though.)

ladies, mindful parenting begins with us. it begins with you and me.
it begins with our choices, our priorities, our wellness, our energy... our everything.

these 6 lessons are designed to feed your soul and open your heart in a really unique way.

THAT, my friends, is why our first lesson must be on slowing down, tuning in, and honoring our inner voice.

without any further ado, i give you lesson 1.


lesson 1 assignment:

grab your journal, a notebook, or a sheet of paper. or have a mental convo with yourself. ask yourself this:

what are some moments in my life when i chose to ignore my inner voice and took action based on my desire to fit in?

how did it make me feel? what was the outcome?

what are some moments in my life when i chose to honor my inner voice?

how did it make me feel? what was the outcome?

what are two (or more, but no pressure!) main areas in my life that i regularly hush my inner voice?

what is one thing i can start doing now to honor my inner voice in these areas?

lesson notes:

  • motherhood = transformational journey
  • "I felt like i was failing. i was doing everything i 'should' be doing so why isn't it working?"
  • "I wanted to remember what it was like to want to be with him. to want to spend time with him and not feel frustrated, angry, or like a failure all of the time." {holy shit! can you relate to that or what?}
  • divine download = all you have to do is love him. and, in order to love him you must love yourself.
  • lay aside your busyness. busy isn't a badge of honor.
  • when we are still and just being, that is when we can hear our inner voice.
  • you are good enough right now.
  • when we align with our inner voice, things become easier.
  • do the things that matter.
  • "if i didn't practice mindfulness (meditation, journaling), i would be a tired, burned-out mom and i don't want to be that way."
  • it's hard to say "no" or to hang up your busy badge but you can do it.
  • it's a practice. over and over and over and over...

now, head on over to the facebook group and let's discuss our big takeaways and ah-ha moments!