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Mindful Momming is a one-week online course
teaching mindfulness and self-worth to
busy mamas seeking calm, peace, and joy.

sometimes being a mom makes me crazy. seriously.

I just cannot handle the thought of keeping another human alive.
Also, I cannot handle the smart mouth and stubbornness of my 5-year-old.
And temper tantrums with zero merit.
And the weight of judgement from other people.

can you relate?

My kid is 5 years old and I've been beating myself up for the last 4 years.
I'd think to myself icky thoughts like I'm a horrible mom. I can't do anything right. I am royally screwing up my kid.

I've silently cried myself to sleep more nights than I could even begin to count because I have felt like
a failure as a mom, a wife, a daughter, a fill-in-the-role-here.

I've opened my eyes most mornings to realize my body was full of dread and disgust for the day ahead.
Why? Because there is so much flipping noise.
Noise everywhere.

Noise first thing in the morning in the form of my mental daily to-do list.
Noise while I'm prepping for my day because there is so much stuff that must be done.
Noise on the way to school drop off because, holy crap, I'm going to be late for work.
Noise all day at work because, holy crap, I have so many things to do.
Noise all day at work thinking about the personal stuff I need to do that I can't do because I'm at work.
Noise after work because, holy crap, I didn't plan anything for dinner and... bare cupboards.
Noise because freaking grocery list making.
Noise at night because Power Rangers, loud firetruck Transformer thingies, laundry, and, holy crap, I'm exhausted.

And that list didn't even include all the other little things.

this is why mindfulness is a necessary practice.

It's not all about yoga, zenned out meditation, and incense - although I love all those things.

mindfulness {defined by jon kabat-zinn} is:

paying attention
on purpose
in the moment
to what's happening
as it's happening
without judgement.

That's all this is about, ladies. Paying attention. Purposely. Without judgement.

and cutting out the noise.

Easier said than done, right?


That's why I created a one-week online mini course teaching mindful parenting for moms.

Mama friends, the practice of mindfulness goes far beyond observing a few moments in silence focusing on your breath.

it goes deep. it's a whole thing, y'all.

Mindful Momming consists of 6 specific lessons {ranging from 8-20 minutes each} presented by brilliant guest experts (because, duh, I'm in the thick of it with ya and am most certainly NOT an expert) and me (because although I'm not an expert, I've learned a thing or two worth sharing).

 1. Slowing down and tuning in. Honoring your inner voice.
2. Establishing your own mindfulness practice.
3. Activities and tools to practice with your kiddos and the entire family.
4. Making time and space for your practice, personal development, and self care.
5. Realizing and activating your inner power as a woman and a mama.
6. Focusing your energy with intention + The Law of Attraction.

you'll have the privilege of learning from...


I'm happy to announce that this mini course is absolutely free.

the enrollment fee is $0

what to expect

Prepare to have your socks blown off. For real. This is some powerful stuff.
Once you learn it, you cannot unlearn it. It's stuck in your brain forever and that's a good thing.

Prepare for your heart to be put at ease and to expand exponentially all at the same time.

Prepare to have a lot of ah-ha moments and divine downloads.

Prepare to shed a few tears.

Prepare to experience an overwhelming feeling of grace and love and hope.

Prepare to fully exhale.

Prepare to feel empowered, motivated, and inspired.

And, I kid you not, prepare to love and *enjoy* your child and yourself and everyone else even more.

you deserve to enjoy life, too, mama.