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Mindful Momming

Mindful Momming is a free one-week mini-course teaching mindfulness and self-worth to busy mamas seeking calm, peace, and joy.

Mindful Momming consists of 6 specific lessons {ranging from 8-20 minutes each} presented by brilliant guest experts (because, duh, I'm in the thick of it with ya and am most certainly NOT an expert) and me (because although I'm not an expert, I've learned a thing or two worth sharing). Learn more below.

3-day Mindful eating

This challenge is intended to help you slow down and make conscious choices around food. In three days, you’ll be reintroduced to yourself and remember how to pick up on your body's signals. You’ll learn techniques that will give you awareness and confidence to make healthier choices.

The only requirement is that you show up and do the work. It requires loving discipline to create change and transformation. You'll also need a notebook.


7-day healthy living

Details on this challenge are coming soon!

30 days to
healthy living

Details on this incredible program are coming soon!

simplify your life
7-day challenge

Are you feeling inspired to re-prioritize and take back control of your home and life? This free 7-day challenge is for you, sister! It's quite simple. Sign up below and I'll deliver one email each day for 7 days that contains a small assignment. Some days are super simple and one or two of the days are a bit more in depth but totally worth it!