Moon Ladies

Photo by  Jeremy Bishop  on  Unsplash

Do you have moon ladies? 

If you don't, you should. 

You should totally have moon ladies in your life.

what are moon ladies?

They're friends. You can have just one, or a few. They're not like regular friends though. 

they're special.

See, moon ladies hold honest, safe space for one another. They share their wins and celebrate together. They share their struggles and push forward together. They share their fears and gently push and protect each other. 

Moon ladies don't have to be called moon ladies. My group began by gathering on the new moons to set intentions together - to be heard, to be understood, to be respected, and to be accountable. From there, we started adding in the full moon to our meeting mix because, well, once a month isn't all that often when it comes to nourishing your soul and stuff. It's kind of a big deal. 

Nowadays, me and my moon ladies meet every two weeks. We come prepared with a report on life and a goal for the next two weeks. We tune into the moon and her phase, our sacred feminine cycles, and we even throw a dash of astrology and crystals into the mix. It's rad.

But, more importantly, it's sacred.

I have a lot of friends. I'm a fortunate person, for sure. Ever sing that song at girl scouts? "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other, gold." ♫

There are friends you grew up with, practically since birth! (Mine happens to still be my BFF. How lucky, right!?)

There are friends from grade school, high school, and college that you haven't seen in years but still pick right up where you left off. (And you keep up on social, duh.)

There are friends who are in your life now. The mamas of your kid's friends, the coworkers, the old coworkers. ;) They're the ones you're spending most of your time with these days and they help keep you sane. 

So, there are your silvers and golds. 

Moon ladies are francium.

(Yep, I googled the most rare metal on earth. Geek out here.)

Moon ladies are so extra special and magical and you could even say they're rare but they're not rare because they aren't out there. They're rare because they keep quiet, probably like you.

For so, so long I kept my quirky books and rock collection hidden. I felt like all of my people would judge the shit out of me and think I was wacky. (FYI, most of them do think I'm wacky sometimes. And they still love me.) But that's exactly the reason you should talk about your interests, beliefs, curiosities. 

How will you ever find your francium friends if you keep quiet?

They'll never, ever see your smoke signals! You'll never, ever find your moon ladies!

Friends, don't ever be ashamed of your interests. Never, ever. 

Let's move on to moon lady requirements...

There are no requirements!

But for those of you who, like me, look for a detailed how-to, I'll share some specifics about my precious moon ladies. 

1. Regular meetings. My moon ladies meet every two weeks. It's the perfect amount of time to check in and regroup but it's not so often that it becomes an inconvenience or chore. Which brings me to number 2. 

2. Rules. Two rules are encouraged those rules are to come prepared with what you want to share and keep meetings to a 1.5-hour limit. Sometimes we have extra special meetings that will go on for longer but it's more like hanging out. Which is way fun. My moon ladies each have a chance to share and we are intentional with staying on track and being aware of time so that the meetings don't become overpowered by an individual.

3. Extra meetings. Sometimes, when something particularly important is happening in one of our lives, we call a special meeting. The intention of that meeting is to hold space for the individual. My moon ladies did this for me after my loooooooong-anticipated appointment with a psychiatric doctor. 

4. Intention. Our meetings are centered around intentional living, personal development, self-love, our cycles, the influence of the moon and astrology, light working, personal goals, and more. Yours don't have to be. The important thing here is that you are spending productive, nourishing time with people who fill your cup, respect and appreciate you, and help you become the very best version of yourself possible. How you do it is up to YOU. 

Tips for finding moon ladies

Well, here's the thing. These types of relationships have to evolve naturally. They're divinely guided and you won't be able to go I Dream of Jeanie blink and create your power posse out of thin air. 

I was guided to my moon ladies by sending out authentic me signals into the Universe. The more I talked openly about my crystal and tarot interests, the more I met people who were just as geeky about it as I was! I worked with one of my moon ladies and we struck up a real conversation about our personal development journeys. Poof, now she's one of my moon ladies. My other moon lady had skipped across my path many, many times but it wasn't until I put out my authentic me signals that we connected. We live in a tiny town and both happen to be members of an intentional women's community online which is why we finally connected on this level. 

See, you just never know. Be authentic, be you. Your moon ladies will find you. And your life will never be the same... in the best way possible!

Big hugs and overflowing gratitude to you, my moon ladies. You know who you are. xo