Holiday Ritual

Confession: If you asked me if I'm a Positive Polly or a Negative Nelly... I'd tell you I'm TOTALLY a Negative Nelly. (That's why I spend so much of my time trying to become a better person.)

Well... last week I decided to do something very positive for myself and I have to share it with you because I think it's something everyone should do. I made a funky little scribble page of all the (main) positive things that happened in 2018. I shared this at my women's circle meeting last weekend and received lots of encouragement and celebration from my gals. It felt so good.

So often we get wrapped up in what we haven't accomplished and goals that have gone unmet and places we didn't go and weight we didn't lose and... and...

I was getting caught up in the swirl of “you’re not good enough” and I recognized it and decided to fight back. Making this list was kind of hard at first (it ain’t easy to praise yourself!) but now I treasure it and I’m so glad I did it.

Here are some of the extra noteworthy things on my list:

  • New job. This one is at the top of my list because I am a sponge for my surroundings. I draw in the energy around me or I create energy based on my experience and when I’m spending most of my waking hours somewhere, it completely impacts the rest of my life in a HUGE way. There are many reasons why I love my job but I’ll shout out a few - it’s flexible and supportive of my busy life, it’s based around Jamie’s school schedule, it’s less than a mile from Jamie’s school, and my coworkers and my boss are lovely.

  • Mom finished treatment! Whew, what a shit year for her but my super hero mama didn’t skip a beat. She was diagnosed, she battled, she conquered. Bam! Take that, cancer.

  • I quit alcohol. Yep, completely. You can read more about it here.

  • I quit birth control. Sit down, friend, pregnancy ain’t my goal. I’ll blog about it one day but basically, between my mom’s cancer diagnosis and quite a bit of research, I decided to get rid of artificial hormones as much as possible and that was obviously the main source for me.

  • Jamie started Kindergarten. It was a rough start. And, that’s an understatement. But, my little toot worked hard (and we worked hard, and his teacher worked hard, and his school worked hard) and I’m happy to report that he absolutely loves his school, we absolutely love his school, and he is now doing very, very well in Kindergarten.

  • I started IIN. Back in July, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It’s a year long online integrative nutrition program and it is truly amazing. It takes up a lot of time and staying on schedule is pretty stressful but I love it and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

  • I joined the Bay Center for Spiritual Development. I decided to join the board of the Bay Center for Spiritual Development which is a lovely space here in my tiny town that encourages spiritual growth and exploration and provides a safe space for everyone who steps through the door. They hold grief support groups and workshops, cancer support workshops, nutrition classes, yoga classes, and countless other positive events for our community.

  • Re-launched For the 16th time, I relaunched this website and shockingly I haven’t fiddled with the layout, photos, etc. I was determined to make this an authentic space without expectations and I feel like, so far, I’ve totally accomplished it. This is my art, y’all. This website (my programs, blog, etc.) and beach combing are my ART and I love keeping this space alive.

  • Re-launched Arbonne. It’s been over two years since I originally joined Arbonne. I have so. much. anxiety. around Arbonne - it’s really silly. I’ll blog about it another day but it all stems down to not wanting to copycat a friend and holding onto a nasty feeling around sales in general. I’m working through those insecurities every day and sharing the products I choose to use, why I choose to use them, and inviting others to give ‘em a whirl, too.

  • Intentional living. It definitely isn’t 24/7 but if you were to compare my current self to my 3-years-ago self… they’re practically different people in the same body. I can confidently say that I live much more of my life intentionally, not on autopilot. (But, to clarify, I have A LOT MORE WORK to do in this area, and always will.)

  • Rosey. I thought I hated cats until I realized that’s a story someone else told me that I’ve chosen to believe to be real my entire life. This little nugget brings so much joy and playfulness to our home, I’m so glad we adopted her and, as it turns out, I’m totally a crazy cat lady. Boom.

This practice was SO WONDERFUL for my soul and I encourage you to give it a try. Think about the wins from 2018, big and small, and remind yourself. See your progress on paper. Look at all of the good things that you experienced this year. Let this happy, accomplished, I’m-on-a-roll place be the place from which you set your intentions and goals for the new year.