Blueberries... my favorite fruit!

Holy moly, these things are delicious. AND, they happen to be packed with all kinds of goodness to support our bodies. In fact, they're considered a "superfood"... and that's kind of a big deal. Their photo is the very first up on the Wikipedia page for superfoods.

So, let's quickly run through some amazing benefits of these extra yummy berries, shall we?

They're mega nutrient dense. One cup of blueberries yields about 4 grams of fiber, 24% of your daily recommend amount of Vitamin C, 36% of Vitamin K, and 25% of Manganese.

These little lovelies are low in calories, too! One cup is about 84 calories. Win!

Blueberries are high in antioxidants which protect our bodies from free radicals. Read about free radicals here.

Studies show that blueberries reduce DNA damage and ultimately helps protect our bodies against cancer and other diseases.

Apparently, these little magical berries may also help lower blood pressure.

This one is huge, y'all. Blueberries can actually have an anti-diabetic effect. Whoa. Their sugar content is low in comparison to other "normal" fruits we consume. And, the goodness that comes from blueberries overpowers the small amount of natural sugar you'll get from them.

[source for all the fun facts listed above]

One of the biggest and most central cause of all disease is INFLAMMATION. Blueberries are known to help alleviate inflammation... so eat up, buttercup!

If you want to learn more, check out this article on Medical News Today and this article on Health Line (where I got the facts above).

OH, and if you're a Northern Necker/Eastern Virginian looking for the freshest, most yummy blueberries (that haven't been sprayed with icky stuff), head over to Mathews to Eastfields Farms during the summer to pick 'em yourself! It's great fun for everyone and very affordable prices! (Just be sure to check their Facebook page for days and hours before you make the trip.)

Jamie, dressed like a blueberry, picking and eating 'em.

Jamie, dressed like a blueberry, picking and eating 'em.

My momma & auntie picking (and sampling) blueberries at Eastfields Farm

My momma & auntie picking (and sampling) blueberries at Eastfields Farm