hey! i'm whitney.

I just can't bring myself to sit down and thoughtfully (read: perfectly) compose my "About Me" page. I think one of the most valuable truths I've grown to understand over the past few years is this: Nothing. Is. Perfect.

So, here are the basics.

I'm a wife and mom, daughter and sister, soul sister and friend and more. I live in my tiny hometown in Virginia.

I'm an overly complicated, wannabe minimalist-ish gal.

I'm a recovering sugar and junk food junkie, (quite possibly) alcoholic, and cigarette addict. Sheesh, I was one unhealthy chick in my teens and twenties.

I'm a student of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition working towards becoming a certified integrative health coach.

I'm really just a gal trying to stay focused on growth, health, intention, and gratitude in every moment.

That's me & my kiddo on Independence Day.

That's me & my kiddo on Independence Day.

Here's the reason behind the blog...

If you know me, you've seen me launch dozens of ideas, products, businesses, podcasts, blogs, etc. over the past few years. I've been craving and consuming anything related to personal development and spiritual growth. I've been called to share and inspire through different outlets but two things kept forcing me into reverse: perfectionism and expectation.

I got way too focused on the presentation (all the pretty fonts and photographs) and strayed too far away from the purpose.

I found myself wrapped up in expectation (that of others and my own) and forgot my true why.

I became all too familiar with the feelings of embarrassment, shame, frustration, and anger because I didn't feel like I was living up to my own unrealistic expectations.

Fast forward

This space is entirely different from anything I've ever created. It's simple, barely branded, and limitless. You'll find random thoughts, favorite recipes, stories, inspiration, expressions of sadness, mental health struggles, random creative outlets, not-so-graceful momming moments, and everything else my day-to-day life consists of... right here in this little nook of the web.

Here's what you will NOT find here...

1. Perfect photography. (Unless I snatch it from Unsplash because I so enjoy getting lost scrolling there.)

2. Perfectly edited writing. (Nope. I'm just scanning over it once before I press publish. Don't judge my grammar or vocab, please!)

3. Curated content. (I'm only posting what is on my mind and in my heart when I'm in the moment and flow of it. No planning ahead for me. So perhaps I'll post multiple times per week or perhaps I'll post once a month. I'm committed to intentional, authentic sharing.)

So, welcome. Welcome to my collection of what has inspired me that I share in hopes of inspiring you.

P.S. I call this lifestyle blog "Finding Steady" because my goal isn't perfection (anymore), it's steady. Slow and steady, strong and brave, peaceful and balanced.


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